Thomasville Medical Center


Thomasville has high-quality rehabilitation services that can move you toward recovery

You have people depending on you every day. So if you experience a major injury or illness such as a stroke or concussion, you want to recover from it as quickly as possible. When you get care at Novant Health Thomasville Medical Center, your providers can work with you so you can receive rehabilitation services even before you leave the hospital.

Once you’re well enough to return home, you can still take part in physical, occupational and speech therapy services at a nearby Novant Health outpatient rehabilitation center. These centers offer a range of services that can help you recover from conditions such as hand surgery or joint replacement.

Inpatient services

If you come to the hospital for a medical emergency, your providers will make treating your urgent health needs the priority. Once they address those, you and your care team can focus on your recovery. Your doctor might suggest physical, occupational or speech therapy services that you can do while you’re still in the hospital. When you get well enough to go home, your provider may recommend continuing your rehabilitation care at a nearby outpatient facility.

Outpatient services

Continued rehabilitation care can help you regain your strength or recover lost skills faster. You can schedule an appointment to work on these health goals nearby at Novant Health Rehabilitation Center – Thomasville. The rehabilitation center is located close to our main campus.

Our therapists can provide rehabilitation services for:

  • Strength building after illness, injury, joint replacement or hand surgery
  • Weakness or problems with movement after a stroke
  • Sports-related injuries or pain
  • Weakness or pain that limits your movements
  • Swallowing or speech problems
  • Muscle pain
  • Balance problems that could cause falls
  • Arm and leg swelling (lymphedema) after cancer treatment or illness