Speech Therapy

Helping you recover communication skills

The ability to communicate clearly is an essential part of life. If your speech has been damaged by illness or injury, we’re here to help. We offer the highest-quality speech therapy for children and adults. Our accredited therapists can help you recover your language and cognitive skills and teach you alternative ways to communicate, if needed. Speech therapy can also help if you have difficulty swallowing.

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Novant Health speech therapy services include the following:

Swallowing evaluation and treatment

People may experience swallowing problems after a stroke or other neurologic injury. Our speech therapists are experts in evaluation and treatment of swallowing problems.

Cognitive retraining

This method includes retraining of attention, memory, or reasoning skills affected by brain injury or stroke.

Speech treatment

We offer treatment of dysarthria (slurred speech), apraxia and aphasia caused by neurogenic conditions.

Clinical feeding evaluations

Evaluations are available for infants and children with failure to thrive, sensory feeding disorders, gastrostomy feeding tube issues and oral motor hypersensitivity.

Modified barium swallow studies

This is an objective assessment of swallowing performed by a speech pathologist and radiologist. Studies are videotaped and analyzed. Following the study, your care team may recommend diet modifications, compensatory positions for swallowing or further swallowing therapy.

VitalStim therapy

This is a type of electrical stimulation for swallowing that strengthens the muscles of the face and neck. VitalStim-certified speech pathologists apply stimulation while you eat and drink.

Fluency therapy

This service is for children and adults who have a stutter. Your therapist may use techniques such as breath control, relaxation and behavior modification.

Augmentative communication evaluations

These evaluations are ideal if you have received speech therapy but still have communication deficits that interfere with daily functioning. Following evaluation, we may make recommendations for either low-tech or electronic communication devices and provide training in the use of these devices.

Pediatric speech therapy

We offer comprehensive speech-language therapy services for pediatric patients with articulation and language disorders, developmental delay, central auditory processing disorder and autism spectrum disorders.