Physical Therapy

Advanced treatments to help you move more easily

After an injury or illness, you deserve the best chance to regain independence and quality of life. The experienced and supportive certified physical therapists at Novant Health use the most advanced equipment and techniques to help you build function and mobility in all areas of the body. You’ll find the physical and emotional support you need throughout your recovery. 

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What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy, sometimes called physiotherapy, is a type of treatment based around guided movement and exercise techniques to help strengthen your muscles, relieve pain, and improve coordination. Fellowship-trained physical therapists at Novant Health will create a personal plan for you that may include dry needling, kineseo taping, electronic stimulation (TENS), massage, and heat or cold therapy. 

You and your family will receive information and handouts to ensure you understand your recovery process and prevent re-injury. Your therapist will teach you exercises to do at home between treatment sessions and after you have completed your visits with us to help with long-term success. 

Where are physical therapy services offered? 

Novant Health physical therapy programs are offered through our inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation facilities. Depending on your specific condition and treatment needs, you may need intensive therapy at one of our inpatient rehabilitation facilities before going home. Whether your surgical team recommends continued physical therapy after going home or a specialist refers you to physical therapy for an injury, you can schedule visits at an outpatient location specializing in your condition.  

Inpatient services 

Many Novant Health facilities offer intense therapy programs should you require extensive rehabilitation services following a stroke, major multiple trauma from an accident, brain injury, neurological disorder, neuromuscular disorder, amputation, arthritis, or orthopedic injury. 

Before your treatment begins, our team of specialists will assess your needs and abilities. Physical therapists, medical social workers, speech pathologists, psychologists, occupational therapists, rehabilitation nurses, and consulting physicians will work together as needed to provide you with a treatment plan designed for your needs. 

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Outpatient services

Outpatient physical therapy centers offer evaluation and treatment for mobility, balance, coordination, and musculoskeletal conditions like neck or back pain – all scheduled at your convenience. Services are typically covered by insurance.  

Our therapists use advanced techniques along with traditional treatments to help your body's natural healing process. You may need custom splints to stabilize an injury to the arm, shoulder, hand, or wrist or kinesio tape to stabilize muscles and joints without restricting your body's range of motion. For a hand, elbow, or foot injury, we may use a technique called fluidotherapy, which transfers heat to soft tissue to promote healing, decrease pain, and increase your mobility.  

Other physical therapy services may include: 

  • Gait and mobility training 
  • Balance/vestibular training
  • Therapeutic exercise/neuromuscular re-education
  • Modalities (moist heat, cold, TENS, ultrasound)
  • Pain management
  • Dry needling
  • Spine stabilization
  • Manual therapy
  • Aquatic therapy 

Common conditions we treat include:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome 
  • Urinary and fecal incontinence
  • Pelvic pain and pelvic floor conditions
  • Athletic and performing arts injuries
  • Pediatric developmental needs 
  • Post-surgery treatment
  • Medical conditions including stroke, diabetes, heart, pulmonary/lung disease
  • Sports or work injury 
  • Movement/neurological disorders (MS, Parkinson’s, spine injuries)   
  • Cancer side effects including lymphedema, movement, swallowing, speech  
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Determined to be active again. 

When the unexpected happens, Novant Health is here to help you get back to the things you enjoy. With intensive physical therapy, an athlete learns to walk again after an illness takes her legs. 

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