Matthews Medical Center


After an illness or injury, rehabilitation can help you get back to an active lifestyle

The people in your life and the activities you enjoy matter. And if you have a sudden injury or illness such as a stroke or heart attack, you might find it difficult to be a part of important personal moments. When you are treated at our hospital for urgent medical needs, we can offer you a range of rehabilitation services once your care team is sure your condition is under control. Once you’re healthy enough to go home, your recovery can continue at a nearby Novant Health outpatient center.

Inpatient services

If you are in the hospital because of a medical emergency, your care team will focus first on making sure your condition is treated. Once it is, you can begin focusing on building strength so you can get back to your routine. Your providers could recommend physical, occupational or speech therapy services that you can get during your stay.

Outpatient services

Even when you are healthy enough to go home, you still might benefit from physical, occupational or speech rehabilitation services. Your doctor might also recommend a wellness rehabilitation program if you are at risk for heart or lung problems. You can schedule an appointment to work toward your recovery goals at a nearby Novant Health outpatient rehabilitation center.

These centers can provide services for a number of conditions, including:

  • Speech or movement problems after a stroke
  • Strength building after an illness, injury or surgery
  • Injuries related to playing sports or other activities
  • Recovery from heart disease, arrhythmia or heart failure
  • Asthma, emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis or chronic bronchitis
  • Weakness, joint stiffness or other symptoms during or after cancer treatment
  • Pediatric rehabilitation (physical, occupational and speech)
  • Speech or swallowing problems