Allergies, ear infections, headaches and colds don’t wait until it’s convenient for us to visit the doctor. So Novant Health has a menu of virtual care options that lets you schedule doctor and other provider visits via the internet.

Instead of driving across town with a sick child, for instance, you can log-in with a few keystrokes on your desktop, laptop or mobile device to access a medical appointment from home. Insurance coverage for virtual care visits varies, based on your plan and benefit structure.

Today, we’re averaging about 5,000 video visits a day. Your options:

Video visits

You can get help for a minor illness, such as a cough, sore throat, rash, etc. from home by talking with your doctor or other Novant Health provider. You’ll need a computer, smartphone or tablet and a MyChart account, available free of charge.

Most visits take about 15-20 minutes. Prescriptions are able to be given. Patients under 17 will be paired with a Novant Health pediatric specialist.

On-Demand video visits: You’ll see a Novant Health provider. Wait times vary, but you’re generally seen within 30 minutes.

Scheduled video visits: You’ll see your doctor, depending on availability. Your visit will be at a time you schedule.

Enhance your video visit with TytoHome

TytoHome is a lightweight, portable medical exam kit that allows doctors to perform more detailed virtual exams than have previously been available.

Using TytoHome, patients can connect to a Novant Health provider who can virtually examine the heart, lungs, skin, ears, throat and abdomen from wherever they are – potentially eliminating a rush to the emergency room or the doctor’s office.

The TytoHome app gives you an interface between the exam kit and your smartphone or tablet. With these tools, you can collect and send information to a Novant Health professional. Your healthcare provider guides you during the exam.

TytoHome is FSA eligible and available at, where you can also see demonstration videos. The TytoHome device costs $175.

Two new related products that enhance TytoHome options:


In an E-visit, you describe your symptoms on an electronic questionnaire. A Novant Health provider will receive it and use it to diagnose your condition.

You’ll need a smartphone, tablet or computer and a MyChart account. A provider should respond within one business day.

Prescriptions are able to be given.

Get medical care anytime, anywhere with TytoHome

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