From people who see their doctor once a year, to those who go more frequently, the health care experience is uniquely personal. Help shine a light on what Novant Health should know – or how we can improve – by becoming a Community Voice advisor.

Community Voice is a virtual hub for Novant Health patients, family members and visitors to share feedback with leaders who can effect change. Through surveys and more, participants take a front seat on important topics.

“Since its inception in 2018, feedback received through Community Voice has led to some exciting improvements,” said Amber Fencl, senior vice president of digital health and engagement at Novant Health.

“These insights help us deliver the best care possible, while increasing access and convenience for our patients, both now and in the future.”

Plus, being part of the community brings perks of its own. Participants are entered into gift card drawings, with up to $100 in potential rewards per activity completed.

You may even be tapped to test out new consumer health care products and apps, for example.

Surveys, virtual discussion groups and more

Any Novant Health patient, family member or visitor can sign up here.

Please allow 5 to 10 minutes to fill out the form, which will ask for your age, gender and other information*. This helps ensure that you get the most relevant feedback opportunities.

After signing up for Community Voice, you will:

  • Have immediate access to our community hub website, where you can participate in discussions and read about the impact your voice is making.
  • Receive periodic emails – typically 2 or 3 a month – inviting you to participate in surveys and other activities, such as virtual discussion groups.

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*Protecting your information is important to us. To learn more about how we’ll use your information, please read our terms and conditions and digital privacy policy.

"Good morning, everyone! I am so happy that Novant has implemented this opportunity for us to share concerns as well as applaud them for what they are doing right. So often hospitals and doctors only hear complaints. Thanks for inviting me as I have many frustrating health issues."

Jessica, Community Voice advisor

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How feedback is used

“Finding solutions that best serve our patients and their loved ones shouldn’t happen in a vacuum,” said Jamie Gerrits, director of digital health and engagement at Novant Health. “So, it’s exciting to have this dedicated space where open dialogue is encouraged.”

On the hub, we share survey results and let you know how your feedback is being used. So far, our roughly 3,500 advisors have helped us:

  • Improve the virtual care experience by recommending that we more clearly define the different types of virtual visits.
  • Test and measure the effectiveness of Physician Matcher, a new tool that helps match patients with the best provider based on their preferences.
  • Improve our waiting rooms by recommending how to make them more comfortable and welcoming.
  • Choose the best gifts for expectant moms.

And that’s just the start. Novant Health is continuously looking at ways to address the feedback it receives through Community Voice.

“And though we may not have an immediate solution for every challenge, like occasional long wait times, your feedback is taken seriously as we strive to provide more personalized care that better meets your needs.”

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