Quick! Can you find your COVID vaccine verification records?

It’s a feat many of us will be asked to perform on the fly at one point or another as we head back out to concerts, restaurants or other venues that want proof of vaccination for admission or service. Many events are already requiring proof of vaccination.

By now you’ve figured out you can snap a photo with your phone. (Just store the shot as a favorite or somewhere you won’t need to scroll through hundreds of other pet/kid photos to find it in a flash while people in line grumble behind you.)

Perhaps you go old-school and actually carry the card in your wallet along with credit cards, driver’s license, etc. (Just don’t lose track of the precious document as you manage all your stuff.)

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Or Novant Health patients can access them instantly on the MyChart app on their phone. Here’s how it works: Once you log in, click on the icon in the upper left showing a QR code illustration and COVID virus. Once you click, you’ll see your COVID vaccine records including the date, dose number, manufacturer, Lot # and health care organization that administered the dose.

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You can also access the information by logging into MyChart on a desktop or laptop computer and the QR code will display in the top right corner.

Answers to other questions you might have:

What if I got shots from somewhere besides Novant Health?

Patients who got doses from outside Novant Health but don’t see those shots recorded in MyChart can upload that information into MyChart. Proof of vaccine card is required.

Will COVID test results show in MyChart?

If patients got the test done with Novant Health or a facility using Epic electronic health records, the patient can go to the Test Results tab within MyChart.

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How do I upload my COVID vaccine record if a dose has not been recorded in MyChart?

Locate the QR code that displays in the upper right hand corner of your MyChart account and click it. If your COVID-19 vaccination is not there, select the prompt that says 'Not seeing your vaccine?' and hit update.

Once the patient clicks the prompt that says they aren't seeing their vaccine, they will be asked to register a query with the state. If nothing comes back, don't fret.

You'll see a screen (pictured above right) that says 'We didn't get an update from state registries yet.' From here, click on 'Enter vaccine details' and upload proof of vaccination and other required information.

Once vaccine information is uploaded, Novant Health will manually add it to the patient's MyChart record. This means it will not appear automatically. Your patience is appreciated as team members work through this process.

Is there a way to save or share the COVID vaccine info from MyChart?

Yes. There is an option to download the results to save in files or share via email, text, etc. You’ll also see an option to export the results to apps like Apple’s Health Wallet. It will include a QR code that vendors can scan for entry to concerts or other events that may require proof of vaccination. It’s not clear yet who might be using this process.

Note: You may encounter pop-up blockers that prevent you from saving it to other apps, so be prepared to understand how your phone manages those systems. On some Apple devices, it will send the QR code to your photos.

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Example of vaccination record.
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Example of QR code.
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Example of share option.