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What basketball, robots and health care innovations have in common

December 9, 2022
Charlotte-Mecklenburg students will debut their invention at major basketball tournament in Charlotte.

Concerns around the possibility of a ‘tripledemic’ continue to hover in North Carolina

November 3, 2022 Updated December 8, 2022
Vaccines and handwashing can go a long way in keeping your family healthy this fall and winter.

Ask a doctor: Can drinking wine warm my body in the cold?

November 30, 2018 Updated Nov. 24, 2021
There are many ways you can keep warm and healthy when the temperature drops. A good start? Don’t believe the hype around these common misconceptions.

7 smart ways to avoid holiday weight gain

December 8, 2022
A registered dietitian shared more than a dozen ways to fend off holiday weight gain, about 5 pounds for most Americans.

Satisfying side dish: Twice-baked sweet potatoes

December 5, 2022
Holiday move: Nipping some fat and calories while tucking in more fiber and helpful nutrients.

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