Making you feel better is our top priority.

We want your hospital visit to be as easy and comfortable as possible. When you check in to Mint Hill Medical Center, rest assured you'll experience the full support of our highly skilled care teams.  

We put your health and well-being first. Whether you need help getting around the center, have questions about your treatment, need someone to interpret for you, or want a cup of water, our staff is always available to assist you 

If you have any questions during your visit or stay, call the hospital.

A Novant Health nurse is holding paperwork as she explains information to a patient.

Patient Handbook

Learn more about care decision planning, your rights and responsibilities, safety, hospital stay details and more.

Hospital stay

If you are staying at Mint Hill Medical Center overnight, the following information will help you know what to expect. 

What to bring 

  • Mobile phone and/or tablet
  • ID card
  • Insurance card 
  • Sleepwear
  • Toiletries, eyewear, dentures and their containers 
  • List of your current medications (leave medications at home)

We recommend that you leave valuables at home or with a trusted friend or family member, as we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items. If you do bring valuables, please ask guest services to store them in the hospital's safe. 

Label your things with your name. 


While you should bring a list of your current medications, please do not bring your medications with you to the hospital. You can only be given medications from home if hospital medical staff prescribe it.

MyChart Bedside 

MyChart Bedside is an app you can use during your hospital visit to communicate with your care team, review your vital signs and lab results, view your scheduled services, access educational resources, and request comfort items.

You can only access MyChart bedside after you’ve been admitted to the hospital. You can either:

  • Access MyChart Bedside through your existing MyChart app (if already downloaded)
  • Download MyChart Bedside download to your phone or tablet
  • Request a hospital-issued tablet to access MyChart Bedside

Your room 

Your room will include a: 

  • TV
  • Private bathroom
  • Nurse call button for when you need help


A member of the food and nutrition team will visit your room to take your order for each meal. A chef’s choice may be delivered if you arrive after orders have been placed.

Leaving your unit 

Please stay in your room until your doctor has made rounds and treatments are complete. Ask the nurses' station if your doctor has given approval for you to leave the unit and let staff know how to reach you. 

End of your stay  

When your doctor determines you are ready to go home, they will: 

  • Give written discharge authorization
  • Review your follow-up care instructions with you (You will get a copy.)

Your follow-up instructions will cover information such as appointments, medications and incision care.