“One of the great things about neurology right now is that we have a lot of treatment options for MS.”
Nancy Dominique Rosales, MD
Dr. Nancy Dominique Rosales

As treatments evolve, your MS patients can get the care they need close to home. Novant Health’s newest neurologist focused on treating multiple sclerosis (MS), Nancy Dominique Rosales, MD, is eager to help your patients change the course of their disease.

Nearly 1 million people in the United States have multiple sclerosis. Delivering advanced, specialized treatment to MS patients is Dr. Rosales’ specialty, and she is eager to reach more patients in Salisbury and surrounding communities.

Novant Health is expanding and is dedicated to providing medical care and treatment access for MS patients around North Carolina,” she said. “The Novant Health network offers new infusion centers and specialty care services that support MS patients who really need it, without needing to travel far to receive care.”

“MS is not like it was 30 years ago,” said Dr. Rosales, a neurologist with Novant Health Neurology & Sleep - Rowan in Salisbury, North Carolina. “Things have changed a lot, and I explain that to patients. After diagnosis, they’re worried about gait impairment or significant disability,” Dr. Rosales said. “But if they have the right treatment, we’ll be able to help them prevent that. It’s important for them to know that, with the right medications, we can significantly change the course of the disease.”

About 85% of people diagnosed with the disease have relapsing MS. Primary progressive MS is less prevalent. But both forms of MS can respond to strategic treatment protocols.

Dr. Rosales shares five key points about addressing your patient needs in the treatment of MS.

MS diagnosis requires special care.

“Diagnosing MS can be challenging because there’s no single test that will tell a patient if they have MS or not. There are different factors that need to be evaluated, like history, imaging, examination and, sometimes, ancillary tests like blood tests, spinal taps and MRIs. We have everything we need at Novant Health to help diagnose patients.” MS symptoms can be addressed in a variety of ways, all of which are dependent on the individual. “One of the great things about neurology right now is that we have a lot of treatment options for MS.

We have injectables, we have oral medications, and we have infusions. Every case in medicine is different because patients all have different disabilities, different affected locations in their nervous systems and different levels of severity. So I have to take it case by case and understand the whole patient. I also have to assess the side effects of treatment options. It’s an important process.”

A patient’s own preferences and lifestyle goals also play a part in the decision-making process.

Access to infusion therapy for MS is increasing.

“Infusions in general have very good efficacy. When I recommend this treatment for patients, I’m trying to reduce the frequency of relapses. In the end, this is going to help prevent physical disabilities from getting worse over time.”

Novant Health now offers treatments at infusion centers, from Charlotte to Rowan County. MS treatment is constantly evolving, which means better outcomes for patients. “I first saw this in medical school when I was participating in research. It’s fascinating to see what’s being developed, and knowing it can cause a significant, positive impact on patients. While many MS conditions are degenerative, we’re in a place where we can help patients experience less disability and slower progression.”

To determine the best course of treatment for an MS patient, a provider really needs to listen to a patient.

“That’s very important in finding out exactly what the problem is, and I really take the time to pay attention to what the patients are trying to say. Then they will find that I care. And because I care, I try to be on top of all of their symptoms and I work to offer all of the close monitoring that they need.”

Dr. Rosales completed her neurology residency at the Cleveland Clinic in Florida and her fellowship in multiple sclerosis at New York University.

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