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December 13, 2018

Therapist: 3 moves you can be make to be more patient in 2019

Grace Sanders was returning to her car in a parking lot recently and could hardly believe what she saw. Another driver had blocked her in and left. She was stuck. And she was furious. How long was she going to be stuck here? Sanders, 55, is a...
December 4, 2018

What's the best sound you can hear at the hospital?

  Several times a day, a soothing lullaby floats through Novant Health medical centers. The sweet music - titled "Brahm's Lullaby" - signifies and celebrates the beginning of a new life.
November 29, 2018

Doctors team up to care for 3 top Marine Corps generals

  The physical rigors of serving their country for decades caught up to distinguished U.S. Marine Corps generals James Amos, Peter Pace and Mel Spiese. All three turned to Novant Health to solve their physical problems and return to an active lifestyle.  
November 30, 2018

Ask a doctor: Can drinking wine warm my body in the cold?

There are many ways you can keep warm and healthy when the temperature drops. A good start? Don’t believe the hype around these common misconceptions disguised as wisdom. We asked Dr. Genevieve Brauning, a family medicine physician at Novant Health...
November 30, 2018

10 screenings and tests you should have before age 30

Many people in their 20s feel good physically and don't visit a doctor until they feel it's absolutely necessary. But, a routine annual physical examination often can prevent minor medical issues from becoming serious problems.

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‘I had no idea what to do’

About 15 years ago, Peter Lloyd hurt his back while working on the grounds crew at Western Carolina University. He visited the doctor and chiropractor, got an MRI and was prescribed Percocet, a powerful painkiller that can also be highly...

A scary diagnosis—and bright future

Sammy Rowland is an engaging 10-year-old who swings a mean bat in Little League.  He started having headaches. They got worse. It was time to the see doctor. His mother called her husband: You need to get over here, they found something. A brain tumor....

'You will be blessed for it'

In recognition of Black History Month, here are the stories of black men who work in nursing at Novant Health. They describe their commitment to nursing and their patients as well as the challenges they face from racial and gender stereotypes.