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Omicron variant: What we know – and hope to learn soon

December 2, 2021
As the world waits to learn more about omicron and how severe the threat might be, the message from experts is clear – get vaccinated.

A healthy approach to eating over the holidays

November 15, 2016 Updated Dec. 3, 2021
A registered dietitian offers a reasonable approach to the temptations at holiday parties. And why you shouldn't be "too hard on yourself."

After 40 years of suffering, no more tremors

November 29, 2021
A new life-changing procedure is having a big impact.

Questions to ask your doctor at 65 and older

November 24, 2021
Your questions not only reveal your health concerns but also insight into your plans and goals for this stage of life.

CDC now says all eligible adults 'should' get a COVID booster

October 14, 2021 Updated Nov. 30, 2021
The CDC has strengthened its recommendation on COVID booster shots for people 18 and older. Here's why.

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