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How to prepare for your COVID-19 vaccine visit

January 27, 2021
Here's what to consider before your scheduled appointment.

Answers to common questions about COVID-19 vaccine scheduling

January 26, 2021
You can now pre-register to receive the vaccine at Novant Health.

How can you best treat COVID-19 at home?

January 26, 2021
Most people with COVID-19 develop mild to moderate symptoms. Here's how they should be able to recover at home.

5 things heart patients should know about COVID-19

January 20, 2021
As a heart disease specialist based at the Movement Family Wellness Center in Charlotte, Dr. Akshay Pendyal MD MHS FACC has a front row seat to one of the COVID-19 pandemic’s most striking elements. The clinic, which is located on Freedom Drive, serves...

African Americans, the COVID vaccine and a crisis of trust

January 21, 2021
Why many Black people distrust the government on public health – and why this time is different

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