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We're here to support physical, behavioral and mental health.

At Novant Health, we understand the challenges teens face as their bodies change and they strive for acceptance and independence. That's why you’ll find a range of pediatric resources on topics including puberty, mental and behavioral health, fitness, nutrition and sexuality.

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Health resources for teens

The teenage years can seem overwhelming at times. When your adolescent goes through puberty, you may notice that changes to their physical body also affects their emotional health and behavior. Novant Health offers a range of teen health resources tailored especially for teens as they grow through the stages of puberty. You can access helpful educational information on puberty, development and other issues your teen may be facing.



Two teenager siblings having fun in swimming pool.

If your teen is struggling emotionally or behaviorally, look to our pediatric therapy resources for ways to help. Our experts focus on ways to overcome the fears and anxieties that often affect children between adolescence and adulthood.

Mother and her daughter bonding outdoors. Mother is touching daughter's hair as daughter gazes into her eyes.

Maintaining healthy fitness and nutritional habits are vital at any age. They can be particularly challenging during the teen years, due to active schedules or social pressures. Your teen can find nutrition and fitness health resources to encourage good habits and a healthy mindset.

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As your teen begins exploring their sexuality, it’s important for them to understand the health risks of unsafe sex. Despite medical breakthroughs, no form of protection is 100% effective in preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or pregnancy. These events can dramatically alter a teen's life and well-being. Novant Health offers educational tools about safe sex and related topics to help inform your teen so they can protect themselves and their partners.

Supporting teen girls through adolescence

Teen girls may begin their first menstrual cycle during preadolescence. The recommended time to have your first gynecologist appointment is when your period begins. Our compassionate health providers are trained to guide and support teens through this new stage.

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Supporting teen boys through adolescence

Boys face a different set of challenges than girls during puberty. Although they both undergo significant changes physically, these changes can manifest behaviorally. Teen boys may experience increased aggression or emotional outbursts as their bodies produce testosterone. Your pediatrician can offer insights on healthy outlets and activities that can help them emotionally.

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Supporting LGBTQ+ teens and their families

Novant Health is committed to diversity, inclusion and equality. We make great efforts to ensure our LGBTQ+ patients and their families feel seen, heard and affirmed. LGBTQ+ adolescents often face challenges when navigating the physical, emotional, mental and social aspects of their growth and development. Our providers understand this and approach all patients with compassion, respect and guidance.

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Physical and emotional changes during puberty

Your body undergoes rapid growth and change during puberty. It's typical for you to feel awkward and uncomfortable with your body during this period. You also may begin to mature sexually, bringing additional emotional and behavioral challenges as your brain develops faster and hormones in your body change. Our therapists and mental health experts can provide a safe and supportive space to talk or receive guidance as you navigate toward adulthood.

Support is always close at hand.

At Novant Health, we provide the support resources needed to help teens through this exciting period of development. Whether your teen is looking for guidance, information or treatment, they'll get the support necessary to grow into their healthiest self.

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Manage Your Healthcare Online

Novant Health MyChart is a convenient, secure way to manage your healthcare online. With MyChart, you can review your medical records, schedule appointments, find providers and nearby locations and engage in virtual care sessions.

Once your teen turns 13, they can create their own MyChart account.

Suicidal ideation and substance abuse

If your teen is experiencing anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts, the mental health specialists at Novant Health offer a source of hope. We'll help your teen learn coping skills and regain control of their life.

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