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Supporting you as you develop

Good nutrition and exercise habits should be practiced at every age. They are especially important for teens while you’re still undergoing growth and hormonal changes. Novant Health provides a range of teen health resources to encourage healthy eating and exercise habits.

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Exercise nurtures body and mind.

Whether you play sports, ride your bike, do chores around the house or take PE classes in school, regular exercise will enhance your quality of life. Staying active makes your muscles and bones stronger, can lift your mood and keeps your mind sharp. Regular exercise can even help lower your stress levels and helps you develop healthy habits now that you can use when you’re an adult.

The benefits of exercise

Regular exercise is great for the mind and body as you go through puberty and approach adulthood. Not only does it help your body stay healthy and fit, you will feel more self-confident and gain energy to do more of the things you love.

Setting teen fitness goals

The fitness goals you set today are likely to stay with you and bring health benefits as you age. Motivation to exercise can be challenging. The fitness experts at Novant Health can guide you helping you set and stick to your fitness goals. If you are concerned about your weight, your pediatrician may recommend consulting with experts at one of our certified weight loss program locations. They can set up an individualized plan that works best for you.
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Eat right and feel right.

Committing to a healthy diet can improve your mood, reduce risks of anxiety and depression and contribute to greater cognitive wellness. When your brain gets the nutrients it needs, the amount of stress decreases. The nutrition experts at Novant Health can help you create a nutritious plan that works for your needs.

Growing bodies need healthy fuel

Getting proper nutrition in your early years helps you to grow to your full potential. Your brain, body and organs rely on nutrients for everyday function, increasing your odds of staying healthy and active as you age.

Good nutrition promotes healthy living

In your teen years, good nutrition can help give you healthier skin, teeth and eyesight. Talk to your pediatrician for nutrition guidelines that support stronger muscles and bones, boost your immune system and stimulate a better digestion.
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Build strong bones from the start.

Recipes for healthy eating

Not sure what types of meals provide the best nutrition? If you’re looking for healthy food ideas, check out our nutritional resources.

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Pediatric obesity

Unhealthy weight during adolescence increases your teen's risk of developing a number of illnesses, including diabetes and heart disease. If your teen struggles with weight loss, contact the experts at Novant Health. We offer guidance and support to those who want to lose weight and improve their health. Our specialists encourage body positivity in a safe and nurturing environment.
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Eating disorders

An eating disorder is a psychological condition that, when treated during the teen years, can be overcome in most cases. Anorexia and bulimia are harmful both physically and mentally. If your teen struggles with an eating disorder, our mental health experts can provide a compassionate, supportive environment to help them get them back to living a healthy, active life.
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