LGBTQ+ Affirming Care

The better we know you, the better we can care for you.

At Novant Health, we see you as an individual, and we want to care for your individual health needs.

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Choosing a provider or service is the first step in accessing the care you need. Through our physician finder tool, you can easily search online for a healthcare provider by specialty or by healthcare services. You can search by terms like LGB care or transgender care. Learn more here about how to find compassionate LGBTQ+ care near you.

To provide you with remarkable care, providers need to get to know you better. One way to do this is by adding your demographic data to your medical record. At Novant Health, we ask all patients for general information such as sex, age, race, ethnicity, medical history, sexual orientation, gender identity, preferred language, military status and religion.

You may wonder why this information is important. In our commitment to inclusive and equitable care, this information allows us to understand you better and to provide you with the compassionate care you need and deserve. With this information, we are also better able to recommend appropriate health screenings and assessments, make an accurate diagnosis and recommend effective treatment in an informed and culturally proficient way. As with other health information, details shared will be kept confidential.

Our commitment to health equity helps ensure patients, families, communities and team members receive high-quality care and services when and where they need them.

What is affirming care?

Affirming Care is medical care that honors a patient’s identity, acknowledges the impact of identity on the patient’s care needs, and integrates this into the patient’s individual care plan. It means treating each patient with equity, dignity, and respect.

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2022 Human Rights Campaign LGBTQ+ Healthcare Equality Index Leader

All are welcome here.

We care about you, your family’s health and providing our communities with the services needed to stay healthy. Our mission is to improve the health of our communities, one person at a time. All aspects of who you are matter to your health, and we want to know all about you so we can provide the best care for you.

Novant Health protects your privacy.

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