Pediatric Care

Comprehensive care from birth through adolescence

When it comes to your child’s health, you only want the best. So do we. Novant Health provides exceptional pediatric care throughout your child's developmental years. From neonatal life-saving care and St. Jude’s affiliated childhood cancer treatment to teen fitness, expert, compassionate children's healthcare is available for your family at Novant Health.

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Pediatric Care and Treatment

You want your child to feel comfortable and at ease every time they visit their doctor. The caring and compassionate primary care pediatric specialists at Novant Health listen to you and your child to deliver a healthcare experience that’s best at every age and stage.

Our experienced staff is specially trained to understand the unique needs of children. We’ll treat your child like one of our own.

A young girl is sitting on her moms lap while a Novant Health team member positions her arm for an x-ray.

Sometimes your child may need specialized services beyond the healthcare provided by your pediatrician. Novant Health has a wide network of specialists to address almost any condition. Whether your child is experiencing severe allergies, a heart condition, cancer or a behavioral issue, we’re close by, providing the expert care and emotional support you need.

A Novant Health team member is operating a machine to capture an patients imaging scan.

When you deliver your baby at a Novant Health hospital maternity center, you will have access to life-saving critical care for your newborn should you need it. Our specially equipped neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurseries offer varying levels of treatment up to level IV, the highest state of care for the most critical conditions as rated by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

NICUs provide highly specialized care from a team of pediatric intensivists trained to treat premature babies and newborns with critical medical needs. All level I facilities have neonatal nurse practitioner coverage 24/7 to stabilize and effect the transfer of babies that need a higher level of care.

A premature baby is pictured lying in a giraffe NICU bed with a breathing tube.

Should your child experience a severe health condition or complication, our pediatric intensive care units (PICUs) will provide a soothing, child-friendly environment to receive around-the-clock intensive care.

Trained pediatric intensivists treat children through 18 years of age with medical emergencies, including severe respiratory and cardiac illnesses, all infectious diseases, a broad range of neurological conditions, hematology and oncological illnesses. Our compassionate, supportive specialists use advanced technologies and therapies to bring the best possible care to your child.


A young child is lying in a hospital bed talking with a health care provider.

If you are parenting a teen, you know their healthcare needs are very different than when they were small children. These changes can be challenging for your child both physically and emotionally. Our pediatricians are trained to focus on the health and development of the body before adulthood and can help ease your child through each stage as they grow.

A teenager is smiling as her mom hugs and kisses her.

Access Expert Pediatric Specialty Care in North Carolina.

On-Demand Virtual Care

Get the care you need, when and where you need it. Adults and children can video chat with the available Novant Health providers, appointment-free, for diagnosis and treatment of mild medical concerns.

You'll find on-demand providers who can see you within minutes to treat conditions including rashes, sore throats, colds, flu and diarrhea.

A patient is holding an iPad in their lap with their doctor on the screen during a virtual visit.
A Novant Health helicopter is hovering over a launch pad.

Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Care Transport

Our pediatric helicopter and ambulance transportation units bring newborns and critically ill or injured children to the highest level of care when needed. During transport, your child will receive expert intensive care treatment.

A mother and daughter are sitting on a bed reading information on a laptop.

Manage Your Healthcare Online

Novant Health MyChart is a convenient, secure way to manage your healthcare online. With MyChart, you can review your medical records, schedule appointments, find providers and nearby locations and engage in virtual care sessions.

Once your teen turns 13, they can create their own MyChart account.