Surgical oncology

We are dedicated to helping you beat cancer

Sometimes, your cancer treatment may require surgery to remove a tumor or area of concern. Our surgeons are specially trained in advanced procedures like minimally invasive and robot-assisted surgery that improve recovery time while still effectively targeting the cancer.

Our customized approach combines advanced treatments with comprehensive emotional, physiological and physical support. Your cancer treatment may include:

Medical oncology

Medical oncology is a specialty that deals with the management of cancer from diagnosis through treatment and recovery. Medical oncologists prescribe and oversee chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and biological therapy treatments.

Inpatient oncology

Our inpatient oncology team cares for you when your treatment requires you to be admitted to our hospital. You will be treated with the highest level of clinical care and support in a way that will promote recovery for you and your family.

Outpatient oncology

Most of our cancer patients receive treatment on an outpatient basis. Your care is coordinated using the same multi-specialty team approach as patients receiving inpatient care. You will have access to the latest technologies during your visit and the support you need when you go home.