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Get help from a team of specialists for Hepatobiliary cancers

If you have a problem with your liver, pancreas or biliary system, you might notice a lasting pain close to your stomach, or your eyes or skin might look yellow. Talk with your primary care provider (PCP) to get access to the care you need.

Your PCP may refer you to a gastroenterologist, a specialist for the stomach and intestines. Your PCP also may recommend tests to help find the cause of your symptoms. Tests may include imaging, lab work or an upper endoscopy, which uses a small camera to look inside your body.

If your test results suggest that there is a problem with your liver, biliary system or pancreas, your provider may recommend that you see a hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) specialist for treatment.

HPB diseases are complex. Our providers take a team approach when planning and delivering care. Depending on your condition, you may receive radiation, chemotherapy, surgery or a combination – each case is different. Most importantly, you’ll have access to Novant Health’s most skilled HPB specialists.

 What are HPB services

Conditions that affect the liver, bile duct and pancreas vary greatly from person to person. You can expect your providers to consider a range of treatment options and work with you to create a plan of care that fits your needs.

 HPB care for benign diseases

Our team of experts work together to treat the following conditions and complications caused by illnesses:

  • Pancreatitis or inflammation of the pancreas
  • Abscesses, which are a buildup of infected fluid, in the liver
  • Cysts
  • Benign, or noncancerous, growths in the liver such as adenoma or focal nodular hyperplasia
  • Narrowed or blocked bile ducts
  • Removal of stones affecting the gallbladder or bile ducts

Treatment options

HPB specialists may use one or more treatments to collect fluid, remove infected tissue or growths, or manage your chronic pain. In many cases, we can use minimally invasive techniques such as endoscopy, interventional radiology or laparoscopic surgery, which help shorten recovery time.

 HPB cancer services

Your HPB specialists are committed to making cancer care personal, understanding that every cancer and every person is different. The HPB experts at the Novant Health Cancer Institute have extensive training and experience in treating:

  • Cancers of the pancreas, including adenocarcinoma, neuroendocrine tumors or intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm (IPMN)
  • Cancers of the liver, including those that began in the liver, such as hepatocellular carcinoma, or those that spread to the liver from another site (metastases)
  • Cancer of the bile ducts (cholangiocarcinoma)

Depending on your condition, cancer treatment may include radiation, chemotherapy, advanced endoscopy, minimally invasive surgery, traditional surgery or a combination of these.  Immunotherapy, which uses the body’s immune system to prevent or treat illness, also may be an option for you.

Hepatobiliary (HPB) surgery locations

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