Clinically Integrated Network (NHCIN)

Operating in a new paradigm for care.

Healthcare is rapidly evolving from a fee-for-service module to one based on value to the patient. To succeed, physicians need to know how to operate within this new paradigm for care.

The Novant Health Clinically Integrated Network (NHCIN) can help. By bringing together physicians employed by the system and physicians practicing in privately owned medical groups (also known as independent physicians) Novant Health helps you deliver on the triple aim of:

  1. Improved patient experience
  2. Better quality of care
  3. Lower healthcare costs

NHCIN providers actively collaborate around a common set of goals so you can deliver quality outcomes that matter to your patients and succeed in a value-based environment.

Why Join? Higher quality care, better health, lower cost.

Until now, no health plan or population health program could offer all three. NHCIN changes that. When you join NHCIN, you engage with:

  • A network built around keeping people healthy, active and engaged.
  • A network built by physicians who can influence how medicine is practiced by defining quality standards and holding themselves accountable.
  • A network that delivers powerful data insights and reduces your costs.
A woman is talking with her health care provider in an exam room.

Contact NHCIN

For any additional questions, please contact the Novant Health Clinically Integrated Network team at: