Provider Benefits

What NHCIN brings to you and your patients.

Novant Health Clinically Integrated Network (NHCIN) is designed to help clinicians practice medicine more effectively. Our network enables population healthcare through robust IT infrastructure, evidence-based protocols and physician-led decision making.

What will NHCIN bring to your patients?

  • Assistance in refining clinical quality and outcomes across the care continuum
    • Achieved by:
      • Physician-driven, best-in-class clinical protocols
      • Greater insight into quality and performance; a full view of the continuum of care
  • More seamless patient experience, improved coordination of care and communication across the care continuum
    • Achieved by:
      • Seamless referral connectivity via Novant Health Link portal
      • Improved clinical operations to increase patient engagement and promote follow-up
  • Ability to follow physician and clinic outcomes measures within your scope of practice
    • Achieved by:
      • Performance transparency on cost and utilization analytics
      • Actionable, timely reports and provider communications
  • Capacity and capabilities to participate in value-based insurance products
    • Achieved by:
      • Opportunities to benchmark quality metrics against peers
      • Efforts underway to support future care coordination initiatives

Potential Sources of Value

Receive practical tools and support, including development of care pathways and measurement, to improve quality of care.

Actively participate with a large group of quality providers.

Access to Novant Health infrastructure and resources to improve quality metrics and value-based care.

Opportunity to benefit from pay-for-value reimbursement models.

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Contact NHCIN

For any additional questions, please contact the Novant Health Clinically Integrated Network team at: