Teen Mental & Behavioral Health

Guiding teens on a path forward

Adolescence isn’t only a time of great physical change. Some teens may begin to experience emotional issues as well. While occasional anxiety or insecurities are common, long periods of depression or social isolation could be a sign of something more serious. These conditions can manifest in harmful ways, such as eating disorders, cutting, drug dependency or suicidal thoughts. Our team of compassionate mental health care providers offer a supportive age-appropriate environment for assessing and treating teens. At Novant Health, find mental health services and resources to help live a healthy life.

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Teen mental health services

Every teen’s emotional experience is unique. That’s why we begin your mental wellness program with an assessment to determine the best approach for you. Novant Health offers many treatment options to support you on your journey, including short-term inpatient, partial hospitalization programs, and psychiatric and counseling programs.

Our board-certified psychiatrists and team of clinical caregivers will work with your teen to identify the underlying issues causing anxiety, stress or depression. They'll create an individualized treatment plan, which may include therapy sessions, coping mechanisms, medical testing and medication.

Conditions we treat 

Our mental health experts are trained to treat a wide range of pediatric behavioral health conditions including: 

  • Cognitive impairment with behavioral disturbances 
  • Severe acute anxiety 
  • Severe mood disorders, including depression 
  • Severe withdrawal symptoms that can't be managed safely in an outpatient setting 
  • Substance dependence requiring inpatient detoxification, including alcohol and benzodiazepines 
  • Sudden, intense behavioral disturbances 
  • Suicidal intentions 

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