Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Ongoing support during recovery

While recovering from an orthopedic procedure, you may require physical therapy before you can resume your usual activities. Our team works with you and your physicians to create a recovery plan and your progress.

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Occupational therapy

Orthopedic occupational therapy focuses on your lifestyle and needs. Our occupational therapy specialists will help you modify your work and personal duties as you recover.

Physical therapy

While occupational therapy focuses on getting you back to work and essential daily responsibilities, orthopedic physical therapy centers on helping you do the activities and hobbies you love. Our expertly trained physical therapists collaborate with you and your medical providers to create a recovery plan that will help improve your range of motion, balance and strength. They'll also help minimize any pain you may experience during the healing process.

Sports rehabilitation

When you are recovering from a sports-related injury, the experts at Novant Health Orthopedics will help you get back to enjoying the activities you love. This may require working with medical providers and physical therapists specializing in sports rehabilitation. We'll partner with you to create a recovery plan to help you regain your strength, flexibility, stability and endurance.

Your rehabilitation team

Getting you back to doing what you love requires collaboration between physical and occupational therapists, nurses and you. Understand the role each plays in your recovery process.

Physical therapists

Working with your physical therapy care team, you'll develop a recovery plan to get back to doing the things you love. Your therapy will focus on regaining strength, flexibility, range of motion and endurance.

Occupational therapists

Our occupational therapists will teach you techniques to help you regain your independence after an orthopedic procedure. We’ll work with you to understand your daily activities and create a plan that involves modifying your activities while you learn how to perform them again.

Rehabilitation nurses

Nurses are essential to your rehabilitation. They will help you design and implement a therapeutic care plan, which may include physical and occupational therapy, pain management and wound care. Rehabilitation nurses also provide educational support by teaching you safe recovery methods and including your loved ones in the healing process.

Inpatient & Outpatient Physical Therapy