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We are committed to helping you navigate this season of change

A girl’s tween or preteen years are typically between ages 10–12 and is also called preadolescence. However, some girls start puberty as early as age nine or as late as 13. Puberty is the physical transformation of your body from childhood to adulthood enabling your body to become pregnant and have a baby once you become sexually active.

The teen years are typically between ages 13–19, but many neuroscientists agree that the front part of the brain continues to develop until the mid-20’s. This means that even though you are considered a legal adult at age 18, you may still need guidance with some difficult medical, financial and career decisions as you continue to transition into adulthood. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or clarification when you need it. Novant Health has many medical professionals that will help keep you informed and provide the education you need to make medical decisions for yourself.

Tween and teen girls are experiencing a time of major physical change – you may begin your period, develop facial acne and see an increase in body fat. These changes could lead to dissatisfaction and frustration with your appearance. Studies have shown that girls typically have a lower self-esteem during adolescence. We are here to help you throughout this transition.

This is also a time of self-discovery when you may experience emotional peer pressure, be tempted to explore your sexuality, and delve into gender role stereotypes and other behaviors. Your Novant Health pediatrician or family medicine doctor can help during this time of exploration and learning.

Your Novant Health pediatrician or family medicine doctor can help your daughter during this time of change.

The strength of your daughter's self-image right now may have long-term implications. Support and encourage your daughter during her adolescent years to help her grow into a healthy, well-adjusted and self-confident young woman.