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Symptom management

Real relief from your cancer treatment side effects

Your battle against cancer may require challenging treatments that can result in pain, fatigue, nausea, weight loss and anxiety. The intensity of these side effects vary but they can make treatment undesirable and limit an active lifestyle.

We know that fighting cancer is hard enough without adding the side effects from your treatment. That’s why we are here with solutions to help you manage them. Our team of specially trained experts will give you the tools and resources needed to minimize the challenges of these treatments. Novant Health is more than a place to get treatment – we are your partners for recovery.

Symptom management programs

Exercise and fatigue management

Strides to Strength - When your energy is feeling drained, our cancer wellness and fatigue management program in Charlotte, Huntersville and Matthews can help you reduce your exhaustion, physical limitation and emotional challenges. Our specialists are here to help improve your quality of life following a cancer diagnosis.
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Muscles in Motion - Following your cancer treatments, you may find yourself experiencing reduced mobility. This is referral based wellness program in Winston-Salem is specially designed to help you maintain movement and help with your flexibility.

Body and mind connection

- Massage has been shown to be therapeutically beneficial in the fight against cancer. Massage reduces your stress, lessens your pain, helps your fatigue and boosts your immune system. Some of our facilities offer therapeutic table massages, as well as inpatient massage.
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Yoga - Yoga is a well-established activity to increase flexibility, stimulate the mind and balance the body. Its effects are particularly beneficial to cancer patients because it can decrease stress, strengthen the immune system, improve balance and enhance overall wellness. Some of our facilities offer yoga.
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Nutrition services

Nutrition wellness - Eating healthy, nutritious meals can help you become stronger and help reduce recovery time following cancer treatment. Novant Health Cancer Institute’s nutrition services are offered at all locations and provide expert advice from our registered dietitians with special training in oncology. Our diet analysis and consultation will benefit you whether you are looking to control weight loss or gain during treatment or are having trouble eating. You will also be taught healthy eating habits that can boost your recovery time.

Additional symptom management services

Lymphedema services - Our lymphedema clinic provides expertise and support for those who experience lymphatic swelling following surgery or treatment. These services are offered in Charlotte, Huntersville, Matthews and Winston-Salem and include lymphatic drainage massage, compression bandaging, meticulous skin care and a personalized treatment plan.

Palliative care and pain management
- Helping you ease and eliminate the pain that may accompany your cancer treatment is the top priority of our palliative care and pain management experts. We want to help you feel better and remain more independent during treatment.

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Whether you are newly diagnosed or far along in your treatment, our cancer rehab and wellness services play a critical part on your road to recovery.