Palliative Care

Improving Quality of Life During a Serious Illness

Living with or being treated for a serious illness can impact your quality of life or that of a loved one. Novant Health’s palliative care services aim to lessen the impacts of treatment for a serious illness or coping with the illness. Palliative care is a medical specialty focused solely on a patient’s quality of life and is offered alongside other medical treatment and management services. In some cases, it can be provided in your home.

Palliative Care Services Include:

  • Managing symptoms of conditions and side effects of treatment
  • Providing emotional support
  • Getting you information you need to make informed decisions about your care or the care of a loved one
  • Communicating your treatment goals and care preferences with your team.

Cancer patient takes a selfie photo with her nurse

Palliative care is appropriate for patients in active treatment for an illness as well as those managing chronic conditions. It often begins at the time of diagnosis or as an illness progresses. Our palliative providers work closely with other care teams, including those at Novant Health Cancer Institute to ensure you have access to the supportive services you need at any stage of treatment. You or your loved one might benefit from adding palliative services to a care plan if:

  • Your quality of life has been suffering because of an illness
  • You are relying more on family and friends
  • You need help understanding care or treatment options, or other medical information
  • You are making more frequent trips to your provider's office or emergency department
Cancer patient reading and reviewing information on her smartphone.

Contact Our Palliative Care Team

Charlotte: 704-384-6478

Charlotte outpatient services:  980-302-6440

Wilmington:  910-796-7900

Winston-Salem:  336-718-7041

Your care team will offer referrals to palliative care services as needed. If you or a loved one have ended active treatment for an illness, hospice care might be more appropriate.