Third Parties Requesting Medical Records

What third party representatives need to know

For a copy of medical records or other protected health information on behalf of a Novant Health patient, please submit a completed HIPAA compliant patient authorization or complete the Authorization to Disclose Protected Health or Billing Information form to Novant Health Enterprise Release of Information by faxing it to 704-316-9556 or email your request to 

Since the request is not being made directly by the patient, but by a representative, the Patient Right of Access rules do not apply.

For additional information please call the Novant Health Enterprise Release of Information Department at 1-844-763-9163.

In accordance with the federal court decision vacating the third-party directive with the individual right of access in Ciox Health, LLC v. Azar, et al., No. 18-cv-0040 (D.D.C. January 23, 2020), HITECH authorizations will no longer be accepted in lieu of a HIPAA compliant authorization.

Medical record fees for third parties

NC Paper Delivery
1-25 pages $0.75/page
26-100 pages $0.50/page
101+ pages $0.25/page


NC Paper Delivery - Worker's Compensation
1-40 pages $0.40/page
41+ pages $0.20/page


SC Paper Delivery
1-30 pages $0.80/page
31+ pages $0.61/page


SC Paper Delivery - Worker's Compensation
1-30 pages $0.65/page
31+ pages $0.50/page


NC Digital Delivery
1 - 25 pages $0.57/page
26 - 100 pages $0.39/page
101+ pages $0.12/page
Video(s) $25.00*

Digital delivery options include: 

Email, CD, NH Link, Third Party Portal and Fax.


SC Digital Delivery
1 - 30 pages $0.52/page
31+ pages $0.39/page

Digital delivery options include: 

Email, CD, NH Link, Third Party Portal and Fax.


Additional Fees
Billing Affidavit $5.00/each
Billing Certification $25.00/each
Certified Mail $3.55/flat fee
Clerical Fee - SC $25.00/flat fee
FedEx Additional fee
Imaging Study $25.00/per study
Imaging Study - SC $6.50/per study
Labor < 200 pages $3.65/flat fee
Labor > 200 pages $7.60/flat fee
Minimum Fee - NC $10.00/flat fee
No Records Found $25.00/flat fee
Record Affidavit $5.00/each
Record Certification $25.00/each
Search & Handling Fee $20.00/flat fee
Search & Retrieval (Imaging) $10.00/flat fee
Stat Service $11.00/flat fee
Supplies/Postage * $3.22/flat fee
Expedite Service $8.50/flat fee
UPS Additional fee

Pre-payment is requested prior to the release of records.

* Rates represent flat rates. Additional charges may apply for rush shipping.