Patients Requesting Medical Records

Patient right of access

You have the right to review and/or request a copy of your protected health information maintained by or for Novant Health. This includes the right to ask Novant Health to transfer a copy to a selected person or other healthcare provider of your choosing. You have a right to access your protected health information for as long as the information is maintained by Novant Health, or by a business on Novant Health's behalf. This rule also extends to a patient's personal representatives who have the right to make healthcare decisions on the individual’s behalf.

For a copy of your medical records or other protected health information (including radiology imaging results and immunization records), please complete the Patient Request for Access to Protected Health Information and fax your request to 704-316-9556 or email your request to

If you have a MyChart account, you may also access and download some of your diagnostic images performed in 2021, 2022 and after. For images taken before 2021 or those not available in MyChart, you will need to submit a separate request for images to be processed by the Release of Information department (ROI). Images will only be available on a CD and a fee will apply. ROI does not have the ability to release any images to a patient’s MyChart account.

You or a personal representative can request a copy of your medical records via MyChart if you have a MyChart account. If you are a patient and do not yet have a MyChart account, find out how to request a MyChart account.

Log In to MyChart

For additional information please call the Novant Health Enterprise Release of Information Department at 1-844-763-9163.

New Hanover Updates

For any questions or inquiries related to requests submitted to New Hanover facilities prior to 5/4/2024, please Call our customer service line at (910) 667-7090, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Any inquiries for requests submitted 5/4/2024 or later, please contact the Novant Health Enterprise Release of Information team. 

Medical Record Fees for Patients

For all patient and patient directed fees, an invoice is sent directly to the patient. Pre-payment is requested prior to releasing medical records. There is no charge if you request that we forward your medical records to another healthcare provider.

Paper Delivery
Paper - Patient Access 1+ = $0.52 NC/SC
Digital Delivery
Video - Patient Access $6.50 NC/SC
E-mail - Patient Access $6.50 NC/SC
Third Party Portal - Patient Access $6.50 NC/SC
MyChart - Patient Access $0.00 NC/SC
CD - Patient Access $6.50 NC/SC
Fax - Patient Access $6.50 NC/SC


Additional Fees
Supplies/Postage * $3.22
Labor < 200 pages $3.65
Labor > 200 pages $7.60
Imaging Study - Patient Access $6.50
Billing Affidavit $10.00
Billing Certification $27.00
Record Affidavit $10.00
Record Certification $27.00
Certified Mail $3.55
FedEx Additional fee
UPS Additional fee

* Rates represent flat rates. Additional charges may apply for rush shipping.

Save money by requesting an abstract option

For a more affordable print option, consider requesting an abstract of health information. The abstract provides the most vital details to reduce the page count of a request. An abstract may consist of:

  • Patient demographics
  • Coding summary report *
  • Discharge summary
  • Clinic progress notes *
  • Consultations
  • ER notes
  • Final diagnosis
  • History and physical
  • Orders and results

* This information is not available for Novant Health New Hanover Regional Medical Center and its affiliates.