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Maternity services

We’re here for you and your baby

pregnant girlAs a mother-to-be, you have a lot on your mind. Receiving great medical care is not something you should have to worry about. Novant Health Thomasville Medical Center is here for you, during your pregnancy, for your birthing experience, and after your baby is born.

It’s our privilege to help you welcome your new baby. Get the personalized care you deserve – from the expert team you can trust. Watch the video and learn more about our many maternity services. If you have questions, your ob-gyn can help.

Actually, our services begin even before you conceive
. We work closely with Novant Health obstetricians in the Thomasville and Davidson County areas who can help ensure that you are healthy and prepared for pregnancy.
Maternity education

Reliable information is never more important than when you are preparing for the arrival of your new baby. Even if this is not your first, you may still benefit from some refresher classes.

We offer a variety of free education sessions where you and family members can learn what to expect and how to prepare for the newest member of the family. You can also take a tour of our birthing facilities so that when the time comes, you’ll be in familiar surroundings.

Childbirth Education

There is no more important delivery than yours! As an expectant parent, you are providing an environment for your child to grow into the healthiest baby they can be.

Your birthing experience

When your baby is on its way, our team of board-certified physicians and specialized nurses will be here for you. Our spacious birthing suites are designed to meet your every need and provide a comfortable, secure, caring environment when your baby arrives. Our private postpartum suites include the comforts of home and plenty of room for visitors and loved ones. Overnight accommodations in the suites are available.

Newborn services

In addition to complete obstetrical and surgical services, we provide all newborn services including hearing screening, a newborn nursery and even a baby photo service and online nursery.

mom and newbornProfessional photography of your newborn. You’ll receive a password-protected webpage to easily share with friends and family and have the opportunity to create birth announcements, photo packages as gifts, and baby keepsakes. This service is available based on location and hospital guidelines.

High-risk pregnancy
Because of age and other factors
, your pregnancy might be classified as “high risk.” That means you should take special precautions and perhaps make lifestyle adjustments based on advice from your Novant Health obstetrician.

If you’re concerned about a medical or genetic condition that might affect your pregnancy, we can help arrange ongoing monitoring and treatment.

Breastfeeding services
At Thomasville Medical Center, we believe that, in addition to being a rewarding and nurturing experience, breastfeeding
offers many health benefits for your growing baby. To help you succeed, we offer services such as prenatal breastfeeding classes and assessment, breastfeeding consultations, breast pumps, feeding supplies and breastfeeding aids.

Breastmilk is nutritionally complete and helps promote your newborn baby's health, growth, and development. Breastfeeding can be a rewarding and nurturing experience for both you and your newborn baby, however, learning to nurse can take time, patience, and practice.
Support after the baby arrives

Although it just doesn’t seem right, new mothers are not always happy. In fact, conditions such as rapid hormone change, fatigue, the physical and emotional stress of giving birth and sleep deprivation can combine to make you downright depressed – even with a beautiful new baby.

It is nothing to be ashamed of, and you are certainly not alone. One in five new mothers will experience a serious postpartum mood disorder
. Please, stay in touch with your Novant Health physician if you need evaluation and treatment.
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Find a doctor

The first step in good maternity care is to have an obstetrician you can trust – and it’s never too soon. You can find a Novant Health physician online, or call us at 888-976-5611 .

For more information about our maternity services, breastfeeding supplies, or taking a hospital tour, call 336-476-2514

To sign up for childbirth classes or our Mommy and Me program for expectant mothers and their babies, call our women’s center at 336-476-2514.