Eligibility - Retirees

Eligibility - Retirees

We are committed to the long-term health and well-being of our employees. As a special membership benefit for our retiring team members, the fitness center extends membership benefits for eligible retirees. 

Who Is Eligible

Team members who meet the following criteria may extend their fitness center membership after retirement:

  • Age 65 at retirement with five (5) years of service
  • Age 60 at retirement with 10 years of service
  • Age 55 at retirement with 25 years of service

Years of service is calculated based on the employee’s original date of hire.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Retirees will have 60 days from their last day of work to enroll for membership.
  • Retirees will receive a letter at their home address with instructions and a form for enrolling or extending their fitness center membership. This will be the only opportunity to join or extend membership into retirement.
  • Retirees who return their completed enrollment for before their retirement date can continue to use the facility and services without interruption.
  • Retirees must be a member of the fitness center in order for their spouse to join.
  • FTE status prior to retirement is not a factor

Cost & Payment Information

  • $21.66 per month for individual retiree membership
  • $32.50 per month for retiree and spouse membership
  • Payment for the first month is due at the fitness center service desk by credit or debit card only at the first visit as a retiree
  • All other payments are due by the first of the month
  • Membership will expire by the 15th of the following month if payment is not made