Eligibility - Team Members & Dependents

The Jack Barto Center for Employee Fitness is a great benefit we offer our employees and their eligible dependents.  We want you to embrace a healthier lifestyle so we can all take better care of our selves and each other.

Become a Fitness Center Member

Joining the Jack Barto Center for Employee Fitness is easy. Just fill out the enrollment form in the Team Member Solution Center.

Who Can Join

We invite team members and their eligible dependents to join the Jack Barto Center for Employee Fitness.  You can join as an individual or sign up for our family plan.

When You Can Join

You can join and start working out with us almost immediately after you start as an employee.  Just complete the enrollment in the Team Member Solutions Center, and we'll update your information in the personnel system and you are ready to go. This generally takes just three (3) business days.

Payment Information

  • $10 per pay period for single employee membership
  • $15 per pay period for employee and eligible dependents (family membership)


We want exercise to be something important to your whole family, so we offer specialty classes and programs for children. But there are some legal restrictions we need to follow.  

  • Your child must be at least 15 years old to use the facility, classes and equipment without their parents present.    

  • Kids who are 13 and 14 can work out with their parents. A parent must remain in the facility while their teen is working out.

  • Teens can also take part in our teen orientation class. This class provides an introduction to some of the equipment and provides information on proper workout techniques.         

  • We offer programs and classes for the younger children throughout the year.  Keep an eye on our class schedule to know what’s available.

Enrollment Commitment

When you enroll, you are committing to stay with the Employee Fitness Center for 90 days.  After that period, you have the option to un-enroll, but we hope you won't.  Talk with a member of the benefits team or un-enroll through the Team Member Solutions Portal

Leaving Novant Health 

Your fitness center membership, individual or family, will end with your last day of work unless your are a retiring employee age 60 or older with 10 years of service. Retirees who meet eligibility requirements will be given the opportunity to extend their membership benefits.   

Why We Can't Open the Fitness Center to Everyone

The fitness center is a great place and we're frequently asked why individuals associated with, but not employed by Novant Health, can't use the center. It's because we must follow guidelines around benefits in accordance with tax law. It is considered a benefit because we charge our employees, spouses and dependents less for this service than is the fair market value of membership.  If we opened up membership, we would either have to charge our employees more, or tax them on the difference between what they're paying and the fair market value.  We don't want to do that. We want membership to be affordable for all our staff so we can work together to be healthier and keep our medical costs down.