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Whether you want plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons or need reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy, illness or accident, our board-certified experts have the skills and experience to help you feel like yourself.

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Benefits of reconstructive surgery

Plastic surgery is often associated with cosmetic surgery to enhance one's appearance, but it has many medical applications. Reconstructive surgery is a specialized field where surgeons restore a patient's appearance after a serious illness, surgery, traumatic burn or accident to rebuild confidence and self-esteem. Standard techniques reconstructive surgeons use include:

  • Repairing congenital disabilities like a cleft palate or cleft lip
  • Repairing tissue after a severe burn
  • Breast reconstruction after a mastectomy
  • Restoration and functioning of the hand after a deforming condition like rheumatoid arthritis

What is a board-certified plastic surgeon?

When a surgeon is board-certified, they've completed special training to become recognized experts in a particular discipline or specialty. To achieve this, they must undergo rigorous testing and document a record of success. All plastic surgeons at Novant Health are board-certified, so you can rest assured you're getting the best care possible from highly experienced surgeons.

At Novant Health, our treatment centers and surgeons are nationally recognized for excellence in breast care and reconstructive surgery. Our recognitions include:

  • National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers from the American College of Surgeons
  • Novant Health plastic surgery providers recognized as "Top Doctors" by Charlotte Magazine

Reconstructive breast surgery

Breast cancer surgery often involves a mastectomy to remove cancer tissue. That's usually the best option to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence. The removal of a breast can change your appearance significantly. It can also have psychological effects, causing stress, anxiety and depression.

If you've had a mastectomy, breast reconstruction surgery can help you look and feel like yourself again. Your plastic surgeon will rebuild your breast using an implant or tissue from other parts of your body. In some instances, they may combine both methods.

A coordinated care plan

When preparing for a mastectomy, your plastic surgeon will collaborate with your oncologist and other members of your care team. They may be able to coordinate your breast reconstruction to occur on the same day as your surgery. That can get you back to feeling like yourself quicker. Breast reconstruction is typically covered by insurance as part of your cancer treatment.

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We'll Help You Regain Confidence.

From cosmetic to reconstructive surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeons are ready to help.

Whether you want to enhance an area of your body or correct an injury or burn, they can give you the confidence you deserve.

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Cosmetic surgery treatment options

Cosmetic surgery is often sought to enhance your appearance. Your plastic surgeon will consult with you on specific personal preferences, such as the proportion and symmetry of your face or body. Since this is generally considered elective surgery, you'll want to discuss the costs with your health insurance provider.

At Novant Health, we cover a broad spectrum of cosmetic surgery treatments, including:

  • Breast augmentation and reduction
  • Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
  • Rhytidectomy (facelift)
  • Rhinoplasty (nose job)

Breast implants, reductions and augmentations

Alterations to the breasts are among the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. Our board-certified plastic surgeons perform breast implants to increase their size or make them more symmetrical.

A breast reduction is more likely to be covered by insurance. That's because overly large breasts can lead to other health issues like chronic back pain. By reducing the size of your breasts, you may alleviate other medical conditions as well.

Our surgical team also can change the shape of your breasts. A breast lift gives sagging breasts a firmer appearance.

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Facial reconstructive surgery

Rhinoplasty is the most common facial reconstructive surgery. It involves reshaping the nose to appear more symmetrical and proportionate to your face. Our plastic surgeons can smooth and shape your nose or correct a prominent bump.

Other standard facial surgeries include reshaping the eyelids, tightening skin on the face, forehead or neck, and creating a more defined jawline.

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Have Pre-Surgery Questions?

It's natural to want to learn more about your surgical procedure before you arrive. Your care team will explain what you need to know in the days leading up to surgery. You’ll find answers to some of your questions on our Preparing for Surgery page.

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Safer, Faster Recovery With ERAS

Our surgeons adhere to the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) care pathway.

This means your entire care team follows scientific-based methods before, during and after surgery designed to reduce your pain, reduce your recovery time and enable you to go home faster.