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We're here to support your mental wellness.

As an athlete or other high performer you may experience unique stressors that can impact your mental wellness. These may include time demands, injuries, frequent travel, unexpected transitions, perceived pressure, and self-criticism. The evidence-based sport psychology program at Novant Health can help when you experience a new or existing mental health issue or when life or performance stress is affecting your personal and athletic activities.

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Reach out to the program coordinator to schedule an appointment or to learn more about the Novant Health Sport Psychology program:

Our approach to sport psychology services

Mental Health Support

Individual psychotherapy is accessible for all athletes at Novant Health. Our sport psychologists can meet with you in person at our clinics, virtually, or if your organization is a part of our team program, onsite where you practice.

Your privacy is a top priority. Any time you meet with one our therapists, your visit remains 100% confidential. This means that both meeting attendance and the content of the conversations will never be reported without your explicit consent.

Mental Performance Support

Mental Skills Training is a specialized area of sport psychology focused on how psychological factors might be affecting your performance. While how we work with you will vary depending on your goals, our approach will follow three stages: assessment and evaluation; introduction of concepts and skills; and application and practice.

During your individualized training, you will learn how to apply mental skills to your sport. To be effective, this training requires regular practice outside of meetings.

When mental skills training can help you.

  • You have difficulty moving on from poor performance or mistakes.
  • The thoughts or emotions you have during your sport impact your performance.
  • You feel as though your training or practice isn’t always translating to competition.
  • You recently experienced a sport stressor (e.g., injury, coach change, role change) and are having trouble adjusting. 

Insurance coverage for individual services

Whenever possible, we want to help minimize your financial burden. Because we are part of a medical institution, the Novant Health sport psychology program accepts coverage provided by many insurance companies.