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Achieve more with mental health & mental performance support services.

If you’re an athlete or high performer, you may experience unique pressures and stress. The sport psychology program at Novant Health supports the mental health, mental performance, and overall well-being of athletes. Our dedicated sport psychology professionals are specially trained to provide individual or team support to address mental health concerns and mental performance.

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What is sport psychology?

The field of sport psychology was created to support the unique needs of athletes and other high performers. Sport psychology aims to help competitors develop mental strategies to perform at their highest level, while maintaining overall mental health.

The sport psychology program at Novant Health offers comprehensive services to athletes and sport teams. Our team of psychologists are specifically trained to address the psychological needs of athletes, including mental health concerns, general stress, role transitions, and sport-related stress. We also provide strategies to optimize your mental approach to performance.

Can sport psychology benefit you?

If you are an athlete who wants to maximize your performance, sport psychology could benefit you. Our staff of psychologists work with athletes 13 years and older of all levels, including club and high school athletes, collegiate athletes, professional and Olympic athletes as well as adult amateur athletes dedicated to achieving their highest potential.

Here's when Novant Health sport psychology could benefit you:

  • You are looking to improve your mental health.
  • You have trouble moving on from mistakes or poor performances.
  • The thoughts or emotions you have during your sport impact your performance.
  • Recent life events have been stressful and you’re unsure how to manage them.
  • You would like to build mental skills to optimize your sport performance.

Who provides sport therapy services?

All the providers in the Novant Health sport psychology program are licensed psychologists with training in the psychological needs of athletes. 

Access a team of sport psychology experts who have experience working with all levels of sport, including professional and Olympic athletes, as well as developmental, collegiate, and high school programs. We provide services to numerous professional athletes and teams in North Carolina, including the Charlotte Hornets and the Greensboro Swarm. 

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