Pediatric Pulmonology

Breathe easier when your child is in our care.

Learn more about the pulmonary care that’s available to your child at Novant Health. Our team of experts will get your child the right treatment for their lung or respiratory condition so they can continue living a healthy, happy life. Find the pulmonary care team member you need and request a referral from your pediatrician to make an appointment. 

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Conditions Treated

Treatment Options

Your child’s pediatric pulmonologist may recommend different tests to pinpoint the issue, including:

  • Flexible fiber optic bronchoscopy
  • Sleep study
  • Chest X-rays
  • MRI
  • CAT scan
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A pediatric pulmonologist may recommend a medication regimen or lifestyle change to ensure your child can continue to live a normal, healthy life. These treatments will enable your child to engage in physical and social activities.

A young boy is holding a mask on his face for respiratory treatment.

Your child’s pediatric pulmonologist may recommend other team members, such as respiratory therapists and pulmonary consultants, to work together and create a care plan for your child.

A support team member is talking with a parent in the hall as her child has her blood pressure checked.