Surgical Wellness

Guiding you through surgery and recovery

At Novant Health, our perioperative care takes a patient-centered approach to your medical care before and after orthopedic surgery. You and your care team will discuss your surgical options and what you can expect during treatment and throughout the recovery process.

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Preoperative care

Preoperative care refers to everything leading up to your surgery. This step is critical in setting you up for successful surgery and care following your procedure.

During this phase, your care team will ensure you are healthy enough for surgery. If you have a chronic condition like anemia or high blood pressure, ask your physician how this may impact your procedure. If you experience cold or flu symptoms, let your care team know ahead of time.

Your orthopedic team will tell you how to prepare for surgery and what to bring with you to the hospital. They'll also review how to prepare for recovery, including physical therapy or other forms of rehabilitation, and will answer any questions.

Preoperative instructions for surgery typically include:

  • Medical history and physical exam
  • Review of any current medications and cardiac devices
  • Diagnostic and imaging tests
  • Anesthesia consultation

Operative care

Also referred to as intraoperative care, this phase begins when you enter the operating room and ends when you go to the recovery room or post-anesthesia care unit (PACU). Your comfort and safety during the procedure are the top priority of your surgeons, technicians, nurses and anesthesiologists.

Your care team closely monitors you during your surgery. and ensures the safety of the environment.

Postoperative care

This process begins once you're in the recovery room or post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) and continues until you get discharged from the hospital. Your care team will continually monitor your vital signs and check in with you to make sure your recovery is going smoothly. You'll also be involved in postoperative steps such as wound care, pain management and rehabilitation services, so you feel comfortable and prepared once you go home.

Your Joint Replacement Manual

This patient education manual will help you prepare for your upcoming total hip or knee replacement and will be a great reference during recovery.