Explore causes of elbow pain and care solutions.

Is an elbow injury interfering with your everyday life? Explore potential causes and treatments for elbow pain at our Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute.

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What causes elbow pain?

The most common cause of elbow pain is overuse or wear-and-tear injuries. These issues occur over time and inflame your elbow tendons.

Elbow injuries from falls or activity can cause strained muscles or sprained ligaments, and a dislocated or fractured elbow requires immediate attention.

While athletes who swing a golf club or racquet or throw a ball may be more prone to elbow injuries, anyone can suffer from elbow pain regardless of their activity level. And if you have a condition like arthritis, you may experience chronic pain.

What conditions do elbow doctors treat?

If you have chronic elbow pain or worsening symptoms, an elbow specialist can check for conditions like tendonitis, bursitis or damage to your ligaments or tendons. They offer non-surgical and surgical options for arthritis, gout and infectious joint disease.

When should I see an elbow specialist?

After an elbow injury, you may notice swelling, bruising or a fever. If you're unable to move it without pain, seek immediate care.

And if chronic achiness prevents you from performing regular daily activities, connect with our nationally recognized orthopedic experts. They'll create a personalized plan to get you on the road to recovery.

Why Choose Novant Health?

Novant Health sets the standard for safety and quality with the latest imaging technology, innovative surgical procedures and clinical research.

Our minimally invasive procedures promote faster healing and shorter recovery times. And our clinical studies introduce new medications, devices and therapies so you can get back to your life

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We make it easy to find a Novant Health location near you. You can see facility hours, get directions and view a list of providers.

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Whether you have an acute injury requiring immediate attention or an ongoing orthopedic condition, our experts collaborate with you to provide the information and treatment options you need.

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Recovery time after an elbow injury varies, but our dedicated team members continue to offer support after treatment.

Our enhanced techniques reduce your recovery time, and we're always on hand to address your physical and emotional needs.

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How much does tennis elbow surgery cost?

Tennis elbow surgery costs vary by the care setting and type of treatment. Minimally invasive same-day procedures typically cost less than inpatient care.

Find out more about cost estimates and explore your options. We'll work with you to find affordable, accessible solutions that deliver the best possible treatment for your health and budget.

How can I prevent elbow injuries?

At-home strengthening exercises can go a long way toward preventing elbow injuries. If you play golf or tennis, we'll identify issues with your tennis or golf grip and offer recommendations to improve your elbow health and performance.