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Support for your emotional well-being

The mental health specialists at Novant Health put you and your needs — not the diagnosis — at the center of your treatment plan. We work closely with you to understand your psychological, physical and emotional needs, providing an individual plan just for you.

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For help finding the right care for you or your loved one or answers to your questions, call our 24-hour toll-free mental health program access line:


Licensed therapists are available to provide you with answers and support when you need it.

When inpatient treatment is necessary

Inpatient treatment at Novant Health focuses on your emotional, physical and psychological health. Our adult programs are designed to safely support and empower you to manage your mental health and well-being. If you or a loved one suffers from depression, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts or a psychotic disorder, we’re here to support you with compassion.

When your condition requires hospitalization, our team of mental health experts will be there with you throughout the process. We'll develop a personal treatment plan designed around your physical, emotional and spiritual needs to help you get back to your life.

What to expect when you arrive

Novant Health inpatient hospitals provide a safe, secure and caring environment. You'll undergo a series of intake assessments when you arrive for inpatient services. Your clinical care team will evaluate you to understand your primary issues and concerns.

Depending on your assessment, your treatment may begin in an intensive management unit. There, you'll receive individualized attention and care. Treatment options may include individual and group therapy, medication or advanced treatment methods such as TMS, ketamine and ECT therapies. As your condition improves, you'll move into a step-down unit.

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Your specialized care team

When you come to Novant Health, rest assured you'll be treated by experts in the mental health field. Your care team may include:

  • Board-certified psychiatrists
  • Substance abuse counselors
  • Clinical licensed social workers
  • Psychiatric nurse practitioners
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatric technicians
  • Physician assistants

How intensive outpatient therapy helps

The intensive outpatient programs offered at Novant Health provide you with a greater level of support than traditional outpatient programs. Treatment typically includes 12 sessions over a three-week period. During these sessions, you'll learn to manage stress, anxiety, grief and other intense emotions.

What to expect

Intensive outpatient therapy for mental health conditions offers many of the same benefits as inpatient treatment without the overnight stay. Depending on your situation, you may participate in group therapy and educational sessions that address specific mental health issues. Or you may be involved in a family recovery program where loved ones participate in the process.

After completing a program, you'll have access to weekly continuing care sessions. These sessions reinforce the strategies you've learned and help you build on ways to maintain your emotional well-being.

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Treatment options for seniors

It can be increasingly difficult to cope with anxiety, depression, anger, isolation and stress as we age. Financial pressures, loss of independence and mobility issues can make existing mental health conditions harder to deal with.

Psychological well-being has a direct impact on longevity and healthy living. Our specially trained geriatric therapists and psychiatrists provide support and guidance to help you and your loved ones make the most of the years ahead.

Novant Health offers a variety of mental health services designed specifically for seniors. These services can help you or a loved one more effectively manage emotional issues and gain a better outlook on life. Our programs include structured daily therapeutic activities, group and individual therapy sessions and medication management.

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Mental Health Call Center

If you have questions regarding your mental health and overall well-being, you can access the Novant Health Mental Health Call Center 24 hours a day.

Our licensed therapists can answer your questions and provide guidance and advice to you and your loved ones.

Call 1-800-718-3550 to speak with a Novant Health mental health therapist. 

Our family approach to mental health

When a family member is coping with severe or everyday mental health issues, it impacts everyone. At Novant Health, we take a holistic approach to treatment that includes family and other loved ones who can help support you.

How we involve family members

When seeking mental health treatment, your family can be an important support system for you. By participating in the therapeutic process, your loved ones can gain insights into your psychological issues and understand how to support you during your recovery.

Your care team will conduct a mental health assessment, and together you'll discuss your concerns and goals before beginning treatment. You may have one-on-one sessions with a mental health specialist, or family members may be involved. You'll have a say in the involvement of your loved ones in your recovery process and what information you want to share with them. Speak to the clinic regarding your privacy rights.