Vascular Surgery

Pioneering less invasive surgery

The vascular surgeons at Novant Health specialize in using open and minimally invasive procedures to restore blood flow and treat a broad range of vascular problems.


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Why Choose Novant Heath?

Many of our vascular surgeons are double-certified in vascular and general surgery and have provided advanced surgical care in their communities for 15 years or more. We have pioneered the use of less invasive endovascular procedures to reduce or eliminate your hospital stay and speed your recovery.

Group of healthcare providers in an operating room performing surgery.

Our commitment to quality is best illustrated by our participation in the Vascular Quality Initiative (VQI). VQI is a registry of vascular surgery data that allows us to benchmark against other providers. All Novant Health vascular clinics in the Triad and Greater Charlotte region participate in the VQI to improve the safety and efficacy of the vascular care provided.  

A masked nurse in patients room reviewing and updating the patients chart.

Our expertise across the vascular system from the neck to the feet means we can care for all your vascular needs. You can count on us to collaborate with cardiologists, surgeons and other members of your care team to create a treatment plan tailored to your needs and goals.

A Novant Health nurse is taking the blood pressure of a senior woman as she sits on an exam table.

All our cardiac operating rooms are equipped with advanced medical imaging systems so they can be used for both traditional open and less invasive endovascular procedures. This provides us flexibility that makes it easier to accommodate your schedule.

A Novant Health surgeon is dressed and ready for surgery and smiling.

We perform vein procedures in our clinics so you don't have to go to hospital or undergo anesthesia for those procedures. You can also have lab and imaging work done at our clinics, which reduces the trips you need to make for routine care. 

A Novant Health lab specialist and patient are in clinic lab taking blood pressure and completing lab testing.

We have a strong record of adopting endovascular techniques to reduce or eliminate hospital stays and speed recovery times for patients requiring surgical procedures.   

A close up of a patients electrocardiogram (ECG) monitor.
The front and parking garage entrance of Novant Health Belk Heart & Vascular Institute and Novant Health Weisinger Cancer Institute

Convenient Vascular Care Locations

Comprehensive care for vascular conditions is available at locations in the Greater Charlotte, Winston-Salem and Wilmington areas. Each clinic comes fully equipped for lab work, rehabilitation, vascular surgeries and nonsurgical care such as vasculitis treatment.