Structural Heart Program

The Structural Heart Program (SHP) at Novant Health combines a dedicated team of interventional cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, cardiac imaging specialists, and electrophysiologists to provide you with holistic structural heart disease care. Our team of professionals are committed to giving you expert, compassionate care, and providing you with comprehensive evaluations to implement personalized courses of minimally invasive treatment specific to your structural heart condition. Most patients can go home the same day or next day after treatment. 

What is Structural Heart Disease?

Structural heart disease refers to an abnormal condition of the heart muscle and anatomy of the heart. It may include complications in which the heart’s valves, chambers or walls have damage or flaws that alter the flow of blood throughout the heart. These conditions may develop before birth or later in life.

Female nurse with a stethoscope listens to a woman's heart

Structural Heart Conditions We Treat

Our structural heart team uses a multidisciplinary approach of innovative and technologically advanced solutions to diagnose and treat a variety of structural heart disease and conditions including:

Advanced Treatments for Structural Heart Disease

To treat various types of structural heart conditions such as aortic stenosis, holes in the heart and heart valve regurgitation, we offer both traditional open-heart surgery and minimally invasive procedures including: