Radiation Oncology

Using advanced radiation therapies for your care

Radiation therapy remains one of the top ways to treat cancer cells, either on its own or with other therapies, to put you on the road to recovery. Radiation therapy technology has advanced significantly, with more precise tools and techniques and fewer side effects. Our radiation oncology specialists combine the best technology available with the most advanced treatment options including:

  • Varian TrueBeam® Edge: radiosurgery system that targets and treats tumors with high precision.
  • Varian Halcyon®: image-guided radiotherapy system that provides quick, high-quality treatment.
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Understanding Radiation Therapy Cancer Treatments.

Nationally recognized for cancer care

Our radiation oncology team stays on top of the latest technologies and advancements in cancer treatment. Leading national organizations have recognized Novant Health with awards and accreditations, including: 

  • Radiation Oncology Practice Accreditation (ROPA-ACR)
  • APEx Program for Excellence: Met standards of the
    American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO)
  • Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI)
  • Southeast Clinical Oncology Research Consortium (SCOR)/National Cancer Institute (NCI) Community Oncology Research Program
Nurse sitting with a cancer patient as they look at the patient's smartphone together.

Specialized Heart Care for You.

The same therapies that help treat your cancer can also cause strain or harm to your heart. Whether you have an existing heart condition or develop one from cancer treatment, the Novant Health Cardio-Oncology program provides access to specialists with expertise in treating cancer-related heart issues. Our dedicated cardio-oncology specialists monitor and care for you before, during, and after your cancer treatment.