Inpatient Curriculum

Inpatient Experience

All of our inpatient experience takes place on our 17th Street main campus. Our teams are all general medicine teams which means you see an extremely wide variety of cases and levels of activity each block.


We operate three inpatient teams. We have a dedicated geographic floor, which facilitates rounding and care coordination. Each team participates in interdisciplinary rounds Monday - Friday to coordinate care.

A - 1 senior/ 1 intern - cap 14 patients

B - 1 senior/ 1 intern - cap 14 patients

C - 1 senior/ 1 intern - cap 20 patients

Graduated Supervision

Our chief residents provide special oversight for Block 1 & 2 to ensure our interns successfully start and our new seniors successfully transition.

Team Volume Control

All new admissions are "trickled" to each team. This ensures the volumes come in small amounts, fairly distributed and adjusted to each teams capacity. We have an excellent relationship with our NHRMC Hospitalist group allowing our team to "cap" to ensure safe volumes. On average, our teams run at a 85% capacity.