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For information on stroke and vascular diseases of the brain and spine, explore the following healthcare resources.

Improving your health begins with education on living a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition, exercise, early disease intervention and preventive care tips. The following websites provide valuable information on optimizing health as well as material on stroke and other neurovascular disorders.

American Academy of Neurology: This site is a good resource for consumers and professionals seeking general information about neurological disorders.

American Heart Association: This in-depth site has extensive information on the heart as well as stroke. Warning signs, diseases and lifestyles are just some of the topics included in this website.

American Stroke Association: Content includes information on the warning signs and risk factors of stroke, as well as statistical data and current research projects. This is an extensive, non-commercial source of information on interventional cardiology for patients and professionals. It provides support, presents the latest news on groundbreaking technologies and treatments and serves as a forum for discussion of issues in medical innovation.

Brain Aneurysm Foundation: This website provides support networks and educational resources to raise public awareness regarding early detection and treatment of brain aneurysms.

The Brain Tumor Society: Basic information about brain tumors and resources for patients, survivors, families and professionals is presented on this website. Visit the "Brain Information & BrainWeb" section to access general information about the brain and current brain research.

Epilepsy Foundation of America: Find out about special support groups for epileptic adults and teens; visit the site's "Answer Place" to get answers to your questions about epilepsy; find out how to make a donation to support epilepsy research and services. - Brain Aneurysm: Basic information on many aspects of brain aneurysms can be found here. The site is a good source for medical information written by board-certified physicians.

National Aphasia Association: The National Aphasia Association, a non-profit organization, promotes public education, research, rehabilitation and support services to assist people with aphasia and their families.

National Brain Tumor Foundation: Site highlights include information about brain tumor treatment, clinical trials and local support groups nationwide as well as fundraising efforts for research.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS): Content on this site includes questions and answers on disorders of the brain and nervous system and links to NINDS stroke publications.

National Stroke Association: This site contains detailed consumer information about stroke, its symptoms and treatments as well as links to other online resources.

The Stroke Network: This is the online stroke support and information group for adult stroke survivors and caregivers.