Breast ultrasound

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Helping us measure abnormalities or changes in your breast

Typically, breast ultrasound is a painless test that uses reflected sound waves to enable us further evaluate a breast abnormality or a specific area detected during a mammogram. With ultrasound, we can locate and measure abnormalities or changes to determine if a breast lump is solid or fluid-filled. Ultrasound can also be used to guide breast interventional procedures, such as needle localization, during breast biopsies and removal of fluid from a cyst.

Preparing for a breast ultrasound
  • Wear a blouse or top that will be easy to remove for the exam.
  • Tell your doctor about any illnesses or other medical conditions.
  • Tell your technologist if you have breast implants.
What to expect during a breast ultrasound

The ultrasound machine does not confine, enclose, surround or rotate around your body. Your breast will be gently scanned by moving a device across your breast with gel. The gel creates a secure contact to eliminate air pockets between your skin and the transducer. This exam is generally not painful.


A radiologist will review your exam images and report the findings to your doctor. Your doctor will then discuss the findings and next steps with you.