Psychiatry & Mental Health Institute

Adult programs

Family involvement and individualized care

If you or a family member is going through an emotional or psychological crisis, we’re here for you with medical support.

At Novant Health, our treatment team includes a wide range of specialists to address your medical, psychological, psychosocial, recreational and therapeutic needs. Family involvement and individualized care are fundamental components of our service.

Below are a few examples of the behavioral health services offered at our convenient locations. To find out if a service is offered near you, contact your local Novant Health facility.

Inpatient treatment - We offer short-term, recovery-oriented treatment programs that are designed to identify your key issues. We partner with you to identify treatment strategies and our adult inpatient services are customized to fit your needs.

  • Our therapeutic community services include insight-oriented group therapy, educational groups, coping skills training, therapeutic massage and medication management in a comfortable, relaxed setting.
  • Our intensive management units provide a safe, secure environment to assist individuals in need of initial stabilization in smaller units with a higher staff-to-patient ratio.

Intensive outpatient programs - Our adult intensive outpatient programs are designed to help individuals in emotional distress manage their psychiatric symptoms. These programs include group therapy and educational sessions on topics like anxiety management, self-esteem, stress management, grief and loss. The average length of stay in the program is typically three weeks (12 sessions). These programs are geared toward helping individuals who need more intensive intervention than provided in traditional outpatient therapy.

Behavioral health for seniors - Most depression and other emotional illnesses in older adults are treatable, especially if addressed early. In addition to improving a senior's outlook on life, therapy helps individuals care for themselves and follow their primary care physician’s directions, particularly about taking medicines.

Novant Health’s specialized inpatient and intensive outpatient programs for seniors are led by medical specialists trained to treat individuals age 55 and older.

Benefits of therapy for all patients - When one person in the family suffers from an emotional illness, everyone in the family is affected. We are here to help. Our professional team conducts evaluations to help determine what is causing behavioral and emotional changes in that person's life. We work together and develop a course of treatment that best meets that patient's needs.

Our approach is centered on providing the support that will enable you or your loved one to focus on getting better and staying healthy. It is best to treat depression and other emotional illnesses early. Be proactive – ask for help at the first sign of trouble.

If you or someone you care about is suffering from a behavioral health disorder, contact us today to connect with one of our behavioral health professionals.