Advanced Practice Provider Careers

Advanced practice providers (APPs) are an integral part of delivering on Novant Health's mission to improve the health of our communities, one person at a time.

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A collaborative environment for APPs

Representing over 40% of the provider workforce, advanced practice providers are empowered and supported to deliver high quality, safe care. Along with our physician partners, advanced practice providers support increased access and health equity for all patients. In addition, Novant Health values the unique perspective and voice of advanced practice providers by ensuring their representation on system boards, committees and teams.

A healthcare provider is in a hallway reviewing patient information on a smart table as he talks with nurse.

Grow & thrive on your terms.

Novant Health supports internal mobility as part of our commitment to help you achieve your full career potential based on your individual journey.

What our APPs love about working at Novant Health

Isaac R.

Certified Physician Assistant

"I work with a family of team members who share the same goal and vision: provide the best care possible each day for each patient. I am supported in my pursuit to connect with patients on a deeper level to promote their health and happiness."

Ayeshia W.

Family Nurse Practitioner

"Being a part of this team offers balance, transition, support and shared purpose. My goal is to operate with purpose and grace for the greater good of my community as a whole, one patient at a time."

How to apply to APP positions

Which positions to apply for

Most hiring managers are looking for a provider:

  • With relevant experience, or at least a clinical rotation, within the posted specialty
  • Passionate about the specialty/focus you are applying for

So, apply for positions based on what you're interested in and in which you have completed a rotation. For example, if you are interested in working within an acute setting, you ideally should have completed a clinical rotation in a hospital or acute care environment. If you are interested in working in an outpatient family medicine clinic, you ideally should have completed a family or internal medicine rotation.

When thinking about positions to apply for:

  • Consider whether you are looking for an inpatient or outpatient position. Do you want a hybrid position that works both inpatient and outpatient?
  • Are you passionate about a certain specialty because of personal experiences? Do you want to work in a certain specialty, or are you wanting a broader experience or patient panel?


  • Suggest focusing your application on positions and specialties in which you are interested in working.
  • Do not recommend applying for positions across multiple specialties or focus areas.

Job titles to search for

Advanced Practice Provider (APP)
Advanced Practice Clinician (APC)
Physician Assistant (PA)
Nurse Practitioner (NP)
Certified Nurse Midwife (CNW)

Improving the health of our communities

At Novant Health, healthcare is our mission, and community is our passion. When you become a physician with us, you help not only to improve the health of individual patients, but also to close healthy equity and upward mobility gaps in our communities that need it most.