Frequently Asked Questions

Does Novant Health offer student rotations?

Yes, Novant Health offers rotation options for clinical students, non-clinical students, and observing or “shadowing” students. These options are available to those 16 years of age or older. For additional information and requirements, visit the Student Placements page.

Can I volunteer at Novant Health?

Yes, volunteer opportunities are available at Novant Health. For additional information and to apply, go to

Are preceptors provided by Novant Health?

Identification of a preceptor is the responsibility of the student. Interested students are encouraged to work through your school/education provider, or directly with clinic administrators at the facilities.

Our school has a current affiliation agreement with Novant Health. What is required to maintain this agreement?

To keep the agreement current, a new certificate of insurance must be submitted annually.

My Corp ID it not entered into my mCE (MyClinical Exchange) account. When will this be added?

The ID process is not complete and still in process.

My ID was disabled. How do I reactivate?

If an ID is not used for a period of 90 days, it will be disabled. Contact for reactivation instructions.

Why are the Dimensions training modules not entered into my mCE account?

Dimensions training modules are assigned after all requirements are met. Students are encouraged to ensure they updated personal information as well completed attestations and document uploading. Students will proceed to training once all requirements are satisfied.

I have completed my Dimensions training modules but am not able to access EPIC.

Access may take up to 72 hours after completing Dimensions training. To log in, have both your active Corp ID and unique registered password handy. If you are unable to log in, you may need to reset your password. (Allowing 24 hours for new password to sync before logging in.)

Is the COVID-19 vaccination required?

In accordance with the CDC, Covid-19 vaccination is not required at this time. In the event of Covid-19 exposure or if symptoms are experienced, students are to follow the screening process and protocol.

I was previously approved by Novant Health for an exemption to the influenza vaccination requirement. Do I need to submit a new request?

Those granted a permanent influenza exemption previously, do not need to request another exemption this year. If you believe you have a permanent influenza exemption but have not received notification from Employee Occupational Health confirming this, please contact