Patients and Visitors

Caring for our patients, families, and visitors with a wide range of services.

Our goal is to provide a remarkable experience to all of our patients, families and visitors. We recognize that each person has a unique cultural and personal background, and we work to be inclusive of everyone’s needs and perspectives.


Novant Health provides culturally and linguistically appropriate services for individuals who have limited proficiency in English, are deaf or hearing-impaired. Foreign language interpreters and sign language interpreters are available to our patients free of charge. In-person, remote video and over-the-phone interpreters are available.

Team members talking in the lobbyCultural Ambassador Program

Our Novant Health Cultural Ambassador Program was created to enhance the experience of our Hispanic and Latino patients. These ambassador team members:

  • Serve as medical interpreters to help patients overcome language barriers.
  • Assist with referrals to services and community programs beyond our Novant Health network.
  • Help patients navigate the healthcare system.
  • Connect patients with primary care physicians and providers.

Inclusive spiritual care

All Novant Health patients can have access to a professional spiritual care provider relevant to their religion, spirituality, faith tradition or value system. Our spiritual care team also offers a range of services, from helping you through difficult decisions to listening to your concerns and struggles. We can help you talk through and explore loss, end-of-life decisions and any personal worries you may face.

Our team recognizes that all people are entitled to their own belief system. We care for everyone, regardless of any or no religious affiliation. Our chapels – also called “rooms of reflection” or “sacred spaces” – provide support to all who are seeking peace, comfort and hope.

woman wrapping an ankle injuryCharity care

As a not-for-profit healthcare leader, Novant Health's neonatal intensive care units, critical care units, cancer treatment centers, emergency departments and other essential medical programs treat everyone, regardless of the person's ability to pay. We work with individuals to help qualify them for public assistance, establish reasonable payment plans, discount their bill to reflect their personal resources or provide them with free charity care.

Novant Health offers four patient financial assistance programs:

  • Charity care for low-income uninsured patients
  • Discounts for the uninsured
  • Catastrophic discount
  • Flexible payment plan

Health Equity

At Novant Health, achieving health equity means working to give all people the personalized care they need to reach their best possible health. We are continuously working to address obstacles to wellness where they start with issues such as housing and homelessness; hunger and food scarcity; and more. Learn more about Novant Health’s efforts to promote health equity and reduce healthcare disparities in and around the communities we serve.