Mandatory Requirements

If your job:

Green Security Credentialing Directions

Novant Health has partnered Green Security. Green Security provides the vendor credentialing for all locations with Novant Health.

The following instructions apply to those vendors within the Green Security platform only. Otherwise, reach out to your internal Novant Health business contact.

  1. Open the applicable "Non-Novant Health worker module" in the "Mandatory Requirements" section on this page.
  2. Watch the video its entirety.
  3. Print, sign and upload the forms from the final instructions slide at the appropriate location in the third-party credentialing platform. Are you registered in green security? If “yes”, please submit the completion certificate within the green security credentialing platform.
    1. Non-novant health worker checklist
    2. Non-novant health worker confidentiality agreement
    3. Non-novant health worker education requirement and attestation
    4. Tobacco-free campus acknowledgement form

Questions About Submitting Your Vendor Documents?