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Your gynecologic needs are unique and can change throughout your life. Novant Health gynecologic specialists provide personalized care from routine wellness visits to advanced treatment of more complex conditions and everything in between.

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Gynecologic care you need at every age

Every phase of life brings changes in the kind of care you need. From routine wellness checks to contraception and family planning, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and beyond, we provide the services you need to help keep you healthy at every age.

Your first gynecology appointment

Most teens should begin regular gynecologic care between the ages of 13 and 15. For some adolescents, puberty may start as early as nine or ten. In those cases, you may want to make the first appointment sooner.

Getting into the habit of regular gynecologic visits can help identify and prevent many common gynecologic complications. Our team includes providers who specialize in pediatric gynecology that can help your child form a healthy attitude about gynecologic care during the transition into adulthood.

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Gynecologic care after menopause

Maintaining a relationship with your ob-gyn is important at every age. You may not have concerns about fertility or pregnancy, but regular visits and screenings can help identify any potential conditions early. An ob-gyn can also help treat conditions such as incontinence or weakening of the pelvic floor.

Common Gynecologic Conditions

The importance of annual checkups

Annual gynecologic checkups are essential to health and well-being. Routine gynecology visits allow your physician to monitor your health to detect or prevent issues before they become serious or life-threatening.

Prevention is key to your health

Preventative care is critical. It can keep a serious gynecological condition from developing. Regular screenings can help detect breast and uterine cancer, identify and treat sexually transmitted diseases or HPV and pinpoint other irregularities that could affect your long-term health. Ask your caregiver what preventative gynecological care steps you can take based on your medical history and age.

Family planning and sexual health

If you're sexually active, your annual gynecology exam is an excellent time to talk to your ob-gyn about your sexual health and reproductive plans. Your caregiver can assist with issues like pain during intercourse and prescribe birth control options that match your needs and lifestyle.

Looking for an Ob-Gyn or Midwife?

Whether you're looking to begin your relationship with an ob-gyn or midwife or trying to find a new provider in your area, our network of highly qualified specialists can help you find the right fit for your needs.

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Care for Starting or Growing Your Family

If you're trying to get pregnant, our nationally recognized maternity services can help ensure that the road to parenthood is as smooth as possible.

Healthy Habits at Any Age

From adolescent care to childbirth through menopause and beyond, your healthcare needs are unique and will change throughout your lifetime. Keeping up with your recommended health screenings at every age will help you establish good health habits.  


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