Surgical Clinics

Here to help you prepare every step of the way.

If your physician recommends surgery as a treatment option, you will first meet with your surgeon at one of our convenient surgical clinics. Novant Health surgical teams want you to feel confident and ready on your day of surgery. When your surgeon schedules you for a procedure, they will connect you to one of Novant Health’s surgical navigation clinics. Your surgical team will be available during your in-person or remote visit to answer your questions, provide you with surgery resources and do any necessary pre-surgery preparations. 

Feel prepared and at ease.

Do you have questions to ask before surgery? Our resource page and personalized consultations are designed to put you at ease. Surgery consultations, either virtual or in person with our specialists, allow you to address all your available treatment options. Whether you're coming for an orthopedic, bariatric, neurosurgical or general procedure, you'll receive the surgery resources needed to feel comfortable with your decision.