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Reach out to the sports injury rehabilitation experts at Novant Health. They'll help you rebuild your strength, flexibility and confidence so you can get back to your life.

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What is sports rehabilitation?

When you are recovering from a sports or exercise-related injury, a sports rehabilitation program can help restore your strength, stability and range of motion. You may also hear it referred to as physical therapy, sports injury rehabilitation or sports rehab. When you work with our trainers and physical therapists, you'll learn how to optimize your performance and avoid future injuries.

Is sports rehabilitation only for athletes?

Sports therapy and rehabilitation programs aren't just for elite athletes. They're also ideal for  anyone who wants to regain strength and flexibility after an injury. You'll follow a rehabilitation program tailored to your goals, body mechanics and physical limitations.

Your sports rehabilitation therapist will teach you ways to rebuild and repair your body. You'll learn to develop proper exercise and training techniques to help you heal faster and lower the risk of reinjury. 

Are there programs near me?

Novant Health has sports rehabilitation centers throughout the region. You can also find a nearby location through our online portal. All facilities are staffed by licensed physical therapists highly skilled in sports and exercise-related injuries. Whatever your activity level, they'll help you create a recovery plan that works for you.

Sports Rehabilitation Services

Novant Health has sports rehabilitation and physical therapy locations across the region. Partner with our team to reach your athletic performance goals.